DIY: Fix the Bathroom Toilet

DIY: Fix the Bathroom Toilet

There are some modern conveniences we often take for granted until they no longer work, such as the toilet. Before you call up a Keller TX plumber the next time your toilet doesn’t seem to be flushing properly or flushes by itself, try taking care of it on your own. The DIY method can save you time, money and give you a sense of empowerment.

When Your Toilet Doesn’t Completely Flush

For those times when you’re spending more time in the bathroom because the toilet won’t flush completely, the problem could be that the chain underneath the lid that’s connected to the flapper cap is too long. Shorten it by hooking another link of the chain. If that doesn’t work, a Grapevine TX plumber can tell you that the source of the problem might be that there isn’t enough water filling up the tank. The lower the water level, the weaker the flush.

The Toilet Flushes on its Own

Not only is a toilet that flushes itself jarring when it happens unexpectedly, it can also be causing your water bill to go up. Take a look at your flapper valve to make sure it’s not worn out, before you call up a Southlake TX plumber. You can easily find a new valve at a hardware store, but make sure you take the old one with you to get the right size.

The Toilet Runs and Runs…and Runs

Rather than an old flapper valve, the problem with a toilet that doesn’t stop running might be that the valve simply isn’t sealing as it should. Check to see that the valve isn’t being blocked from closing normally. Look at the seat underneath the valve to see if there aren’t any mineral deposits. Before you call a plumber if the valve is okay, see if the pull chain is too short.

Do yourself and your bank account a favor and learn a few tips and tricks for repairing your toilet on your own. Reserve the expertise of a Trophy Club TX plumber for true emergencies that require immediate and professional intervention by calling Above and Beyond Plumbing Services at 469-995-5069, or schedule service online.

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