How to Beat Mold and Mildew

How to Beat Mold & Mildew

When your home bathroom reeks of mold or mildew, your guests will notice. Maybe they’ll be too polite to say anything, but you may find them running for the door before the night has officially ended. To avoid what can prove both embarrassing and highly unpleasant, here are some tips as to how to keep mold and mildew from wreaking havoc – and just reeking – in your bathroom as well as your social life, courtesy of your friendly Keller TX plumber.

Eliminate Existing Signs of Mildew and Mold

Getting rid of mold and mildew isn’t particularly difficult, but it does take a little effort and elbow grease. Grab a cleaner (vinegar or bleach often work) and a toothbrush, and get down and get scrubbing. Be sure to take any moldy or damp towels out of the bathroom too, and keep your shower curtain closed to make it sure it dries effectively. If you have a spot to do so, install some towel hooks somewhere outside, but close to, the bathroom.

Improve Overall Cleanliness

One easy way to reduce the formation of mold or mildew in your bathroom is to use a shower spray every time you shower. This will not only make your bathroom smell better, but it will help eliminate the formation of mold. Try lightly dusting your sink, bath and shower drains with baking soda too, because this helps eliminate odors and reduces the growth of mold.

Enhance Air Circulation

When you mix Texas humidity with steamy, hot showers, you get the perfect recipe for mold generation. Make sure to utilize built-in vents, if available, and try to improve circulation even further by using a fan and keeping the bathroom door open while showering. In extreme cases, your Grapevine TX plumber may recommend that you purchase a dehumidifier to use during showers moving forward.

Contact Us for More Information or Assistance

By keeping your bathroom clean and providing proper ventilation, you can dramatically reduce the amount of mold and mildew that grows in it. If you still need attention or would like to enlist the aid of a Southlake TX plumber, call Above & Beyond Plumbing Services, your friendly Trophy Club TX plumber, today at 469-995-5069 today or schedule service online.

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