What Not to Throw Down the Garbage Disposal

What Not to Throw Down the Garbage Disposal

Depending on your POV, you might consider the garbage disposal to be one of the finest and most convenient inventions ever created. While your garbage disposal can handle a lot, there are some things you’ll want to avoid putting down them, or else you might find yourself in need of a knowledgeable Keller TX plumber.

Grease, Fat and Oil

Fat, grease and oil are three of the most common no-nos when it comes to garbage disposals, but they still deserve a spot on the list. While hot grease, oil and fat have a very fluid consistency when hot, they thicken and harden when cooled, which is exactly what happens when you pour them down your garbage disposal. Another reason to avoid pouring these substances down your disposal is that doing so isn’t the most environmentally-friendly disposal method, which any Grapevine TX plumber can tell you.


Like rice, pasta expands in water, and it expands even more when you dump it down the garbage disposal. If any strings of pasta become stuck in your disposal, they can keep expanding every time they’re exposed to water. Even if the pasta doesn’t expand, it can still become lodged in your disposal trap.

Stringy and Starchy Vegetables

A Southlake TX plumber can also tell you that potato peels, celery, asparagus, lettuce and other fibrous and starchy vegetables have no place in the garbage disposal. These foods can easily wrap themselves around the blades of your disposal and clog up your drain.

Coffee Grounds

The grounds from all of those cups of coffee you’ve enjoyed seem harmless and garbage disposal-safe, right? Don’t find out the hard way that coffee grounds can easily become stuck in your disposal trap along with your pasta.

Fruit Seeds and Pits

You might love the way fruit tastes, but you’ll probably hate the damage their pits and seeds can do to your garbage disposal. Examples include avocado, plum, peach and cherry pits.

Take good care of your garbage disposal and it’s bound to take good care of you and most of your disposal needs. For those times when your favorite invention betrays you, be sure to call an experienced Trophy Club TX plumber at 469-995-5069, or schedule service online.

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