Three Ways to Fix Hard Water in Your Home

Three Ways to Fix Hard Water in Your Home

Hard water is a common nuisance that occurs when excessive minerals build up in a home’s water supply. Beyond plumbing problems, hard water can also wreak havoc on your health. While a trusted Keller, TX plumber or Grapevine, TX plumber is always on hand to tackle hard water problems, there are a number of things homeowners can do themselves to try to solve the problem first. Here are three tips you can do at home to soften your water supply.

1. Determine Hardness Levels

If you suspect you may have hard water, the first step toward fixing it is determining what kinds of minerals are present. There are many commercial test kits available for this, or you can try the old fashioned way using soap. Pay attention to the amount of soap it takes to work up a good lather. If you find yourself using a lot, your water is likely hard.

2. Make Small Adjustments

When you have some traces of minerals but not enough to warrant a call to your local Southlake, TX plumber, you can try a few simple tricks to help soften your water supply. These include:

  • Adding a small amount of washing soda at the same time you add soap to the washing machine before doing laundry
  • Using a water filter pitcher to soften and purify drinking water
  • Fastening filters to kitchen and bathroom sink faucets to soften water that passes through the nozzle.

3. Install a Water Softening System

There are several different kinds of water softening systems available to homeowners, ranging from mechanical to magnetic. These can also vary drastically by:

  • Price
  • Operating cost
  • Effectiveness
  • Types of minerals treated.

While some systems can be installed without professional aid, it’s often best to consult your local Trophy Club, TX plumber before attempting to do it yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable identifying or installing the right softening system for your home or continue to have problems with hard water, give Above & Beyond Plumbing Services a call today at 469-995-5069, or schedule service online.

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