Toilet Cleaning and Maintenance

Toilet Cleaning and Maintenance

For most homeowners, the toilet receives little attention until something goes wrong. When problems do arise, however, immediate attention is needed, or you’re looking at some costly repairs that can only be performed by a Keller TX plumber. Most major toilet problems are largely preventable, so to avoid both the inconvenience and unhygienic conditions that come with a malfunctioning toilet, make sure to perform proper maintenance and take adequate precautions. Here’s what your local Grapevine TX plumber recommends in order to keep your toilet in tip-top shape.

Keep It Clean and Pristine

Not only is keeping your toilet clean important in terms of sanitation, but it also helps you easily spot leaks or damages. Use a bleach-based solution to sanitize the bowl, seat, lid and handle, and use a brush with soft bristles because rough ones can lead to scratches or chips. Keep an eye on the floor around the toilet while you clean for any signs of a leak, because prompt attention to leaks leads to a less intensive repair process. You can also spot leaks by placing a few drops of food coloring in the bowl and then leaving it for several hours. If you return and the color is gone, a leak is present.

Keep Obstructions at Bay

Toilets and water pipes are intended to handle human waste and toilet paper, and not a whole lot more. When items such as sanitary products, napkins, paper towels and even small toys find their way to your toilet, they cause obstructions, which can create a blockage that makes your toilet overflow. Make sure to use it only for its intended purpose, and instruct any children living with you to do the same.

Pay Attention to Your Tank

Like the toilet, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your toilet tank. Make sure never to place pressure on it by standing or sitting on it, and make sure not to drop any cleaning products in the tank, either. Some cleaning products and chemicals can affect your flush flapper, which can cause a leak.

These tips and maintenance methods should help you avoid most toilet issues, but if you do experience a problem that requires the assistance of a Southlake TX plumber or a Trophy Club TX plumber, call Above & Beyond Plumbing Services today at 469-995-5069 today or schedule service online.

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