Water Heaters: How Old Is Too Old?

Water Heaters: How Old Is Too Old?

At Above & Beyond Plumbing Services, we not only want to improve our customers’ plumbing, we want to improve their knowledge of plumbing as well. If you’ve been calling a Keller, TX plumber often to service your water heater, it might be time to think about investing in a new one. Before you do, we’re here to give you a better idea of how long water heaters are designed to last.

Electric and Gas

The first thing you should consider is the type of water heater you have. Electric water heaters often last as many as 15 years while gas ones can last as long as 10 years. That being said, you have to make sure you take good care of your water heater, otherwise you could find yourself seeking out the services of a Grapevine, TX plumber more than necessary or buying a new heater sooner than necessary.

Good to the Last Hot Drop

You can help ensure your water heater lasts for its expected life by taking care of the most essential parts, which include the:

  • Inlet/outlet pipes
  • Pilot light (gas water heater)
  • Temperature/pressure valve (gas water heater)
  • Heating element (electric water heater)
  • Burner (gas water heater)

To keep from having to call a professional Southlake, TX plumber for avoidable leaks and floods, you should be sure you replace your water tank if you ever notice it’s started to corrode. It’s also a good idea to have the tank flushed at least once a year to get rid of sediment.

Factors That Can Contribute to Premature Aging

There are several factors that can compromise the overall life of your water heater. The appliance’s quality, maintenance schedule and the type of water in your pipes all have a part to play in how long your water heater is likely to last.

A knowledgeable Trophy Club, TX plumber can offer you more tips for efficiently extending the life of your water heater. By taking good care of your heater, you’re sure to have several hot baths, showers, laundry loads and dish washes for many years to come. To get additional help, call Above and Beyond Plumbing Services at 469-995-5069, or schedule service online.

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