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How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Just as you prepare differently before leaving the house on a winter’s day than you would for a warm one, your home requires additional attention and maintenance when the temperatures start to fall. While north Texas may not experience the same extreme temperature variations as, say, the North Pole, they are substantial enough that not taking adequate precautions can land you in a world of trouble. Here’s a look at how to get your home winter-ready this season, courtesy of Above & Beyond Plumbing Services, your local Keller TX plumber.

Give Your Heater a Tune-Up

When it’s chilly outside, you want to ensure your heater is operating at peak capacity both for your own comfort and the sake of your utility bills. A Grapevine TX plumber can help make sure that happens by giving it a thorough cleaning.

Check Your Sump Pump

Have a Southlake TX plumber test your sump pump by adding a few gallons of water to the sump pit before turning it on. This should be done every couple of months, but is particularly important when environmental conditions are especially wet or dry.

Make Sure Your Ceiling Fans Are Spinning Clockwise

You may have heard that your fans work best when they spin one way during warm weather and the opposite way when it’s cold. When the heat is on, make sure your fans are moving in a clockwise direction.

Clean Your Gutters

If your gutters get clogged with dirt and leaves and then freeze, you’re going to be stuck with a serious problem, come springtime. A simple pre-winter cleaning can help you avoid having to replace the gutters, as well as your home’s trim, roofing and siding.

Add Caulking to Leaking Doors or Windows

If you’ve noticed that an area of your home is particularly drafty, a caulking gun can be used to fill any gaps or holes. Rather than “heat the outside,” lower your utility bills by making sure heat stays indoors.

Contact Us for More Information About Effectively Winterizing Your Home

For more about how to make your home winter-ready or to enlist the assistance of a Trophy Club TX plumber, contact us at 469-995-5069 today or schedule service online.

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How to Repair a Leaky Kitchen Sink

How to Repair a Leaky Kitchen Sink

Here at Above and Beyond, we want to help you with your plumbing problems. If you’re struggling with a leaky kitchen sink, there are a few steps you can take before calling a Keller TX plumber.

Find the Issue

First of all, assess the problem. Is the leak a minor drip, or do you have a potential flood on your hands? If you’re facing a plumbing emergency, then call a Grapevine TX plumber. Otherwise, figure out where the leak is coming from, because that will help you know how to solve the problem. Generally, the source of the leak is easily found by crawling under the sink with a flashlight.

Around the Edges

If water is seeping into the counter around the edges of the sink, then your best bet is just to put more caulk around the edges. This can help protect your countertops and the space under your sink from damage. It’s also a good idea to wipe up any water that you accidentally spill in the kitchen.

From the Pipes or Faucet

If water is dripping from the pipes underneath the sink, then you’ll probably want to see if any of your nuts or connectors have come loose. Cleaning out the trap might also be a good idea because a blocked sink can lead to leakage. If water is dripping from your faucet, then you might need to replace an O ring or gasket. A leak for the drain will probably require you repack it with plumber’s putty.

Repair Tips

Whenever you do repairs on your own, it’s a good idea to shut off the water valves so you don’t accidentally flood the house. Keep track of all parts and the order that you took them off in. If you aren’t sure how to fix it yourself, then you’re probably better off getting help from a Southlake TX plumber.

Getting Help

If the problem is simply that your sink is rusting or has a hole in it, it’s probably time to replace the sink. If that’s the case, call a Trophy Club TX Plumber — here at Above and Beyond, we’re always ready to help. Contact us at (469)995-5069 today or schedule service online to get the issue fixed quickly.

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How to Unclog Drains

How to Unclog Drains

If you are experiencing a clog, it is important to handle the problem quickly and efficiently before it gets worse. Prior to calling your local Keller TX plumber, there are a few natural remedies to try in order to unclog your drain. All of these solutions are chemical free, and the ingredients can usually be found inside any pantry.

Pour Boiling Water Down Your Drain

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to unstop your clog before calling a Grapevine TX plumber is by pouring an entire kettle full of scalding hot water down your drain. This method is most effective if you work in stages, pouring a little bit down at a time. By giving the water a minute or so to sit in between pours, it helps to seep deep into the crevices of your clog and dismantle it from the inside.

Bring Your Wet/Dry Vacuum Inside

Many handy homeowners use their shop vac in the garage, but most do not know that they can use its powerful suction to help remove grime that has been deeply trapped inside of their drain. Additionally, it can also suck up any standing water in a sink or shower before working out the clog. If you hate getting your hands dirty, try this method to remove your unsightly drain gunk.

Mix Baking Soda and Vinegar

Take 1/3 cup of baking soda and mix thoroughly with 1/3 cup of vinegar. Once you have eliminated the surface residue in your drain, quickly pour the fizzing solution into your clog. This method is highly recommended by our Southlake TX plumber, and it is a natural way to help break down minerals, hair, and other daily grime that has found its way into your drain. For maximum effectiveness, allow the mixture to sit overnight before rinsing it clean with hot water.

If you have put these methods into action and are still having trouble with your clog, contact your local Trophy Club TX Plumber, Above and Beyond Plumbing Services, at (469) 995-5069 or schedule service online to get your fixtures back up and running quickly.

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Should You Upgrade to a Tankless Water Heater?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating the water in your home or business can make up as much as 30 percent of your power bill. If your current water heater is old or inefficient, it could be costing you more money every month than it’s worth. A Keller, TX plumber can help you identify if making the upgrade is worth it. At Above and Beyond Plumbing Services, we enjoy helping you save money. Here are a few reasons some people go tankless:


Eco-minded people enjoy the fact that a tankless heater only uses water as you need it instead of spending the energy to heat water that could go unused. That means that you could see more affordable utility bills every month, because in addition to conserving water, you are conserving power.

Sleeker Design

A traditional water heater can take up a significant amount of space in your garage, and some people may even consider it an eyesore. A Grapevine, TX plumber can install a tankless system, which is mounted on a wall and comprises much less space.

Giving You Options

Tankless heaters actually come in different sizes, meaning they can simply heat water for just one room or for an entire home or business. A Southlake, TX plumber can help you determine which size would match your needs.

Tax Credits

In Texas, there are several power companies who offer rebates if you purchase a tankless water heater. Additionally, there are federal tax credits you can receive for boosting your home’s energy efficiency. For many people, these benefits make up for the initial up front cost of a newer system.

Should You Upgrade to a Tankless Water Heater?

The only way to know if an upgrade is the right choice for you is to work with a Trophy Club, TX plumber who can evaluate your current system and make a suggestion. At Above and Beyond Plumbing Services, we believe in being honest with our customers to help them save money. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, please call us 469-995-5069 or schedule service online.

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The Best Ways to Combat Pipe Leaks

Do you have water pouring into your home? Have you noticed warm spots on your walls or floors? Can you hear the sound of running water even though none of your faucets or appliances is turned on? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you probably have a pipe leak. When you are in need of a Keller, TX plumber, our specialists at Above and Beyond Plumbing Services are available 24 hours a day to help. To combat a pipe leak, follow these steps:

1. Turn It Off

As soon as you think that you have a leak, you should shut off the water to the pipe. This can be done at a valve located under the sink or behind the toilet for pipe leaks in that area, or you can simply turn off the main water valve, which is usually located along the perimeter of the house on the lowest floor. If you need help locating the shutoff, simply call a Grapevine, TX plumber.

2. Call A Professional

The next step should be to call a professional Southlake, TX plumber. Why? Because pipe leaks can cause expensive damage, even when the water has stopped running. Sitting water can start to grow toxic black mold after just a day. Therefore, allow a trained specialist to quickly identify where the problem is and fix it, mitigating the risk of future damage.

3. Safe Cleaning

While you are waiting for a Trophy Club, TX plumber to arrive, you can tend to some of the cleanup if it is safe. For example, you can sop up pooling water on your hardwood floors to prevent damage. However, if there are any wires that may come into contact with the water, it is best to wait until professionals arrive to ensure the area is safe.

Hiring a specialist is the best way to save yourself time and money following a pipe leak. At Above and Beyond Plumbing Services, we pride ourselves on keeping your costs low by completing the job quickly and correctly. To get your leak fixed today, please call us at 469-995-5069 or schedule service online.

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Water Heater Tips for Warm Weather and Changing Seasons

Water Heater Tips for Warm Weather and Changing Seasons

Here at Above & Beyond Plumbing Services, we want to help you take the absolute best care of your water heater. You might already be familiar with having to call a professional Keller, TX plumber during the winter for your water heater problems, but you might also find yourself scratching your head at your malfunctioning water heater during the warmer months of the year. So what water heater problems are common in the summer?

Pilot Light Problems

A Grapevine, TX plumber will readily tell you that gas water heaters are notorious for having pilot lights that sputter out when the mercury rises. One reason for this is that in the summer the temperature of the air is higher than the overall temperature of the thermostat on your water heater. When this happens, the gas valve won’t open up as it should and your pilot light will fail to catch a spark.

Combustion Reduction

If you think that you need an experienced Southlake, TX plumber to take a look at your combustion, we recommend that you glance through the sight window of your water heater. The flame should shift from blue to yellow to red. If you do have a combustion problem, the burner will light as it should, but then the flame will die out. It’s especially important that you take care of combustion problems as soon as you notice them since they can become a fire hazard to your home.

For more seasonal tips on how to maintain your water heater, pilot light problems, gas water heater issues, or other plumbing services, contact Above and Beyond Plumbing Services. Click here to request service online, or give us a call at 469-995-5069.

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