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How to Unclog Drains

How to Unclog Drains

If you are experiencing a clog, it is important to handle the problem quickly and efficiently before it gets worse. Prior to calling your local Keller TX plumber, there are a few natural remedies to try in order to unclog your drain. All of these solutions are chemical free, and the ingredients can usually be found inside any pantry.

Pour Boiling Water Down Your Drain

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to unstop your clog before calling a Grapevine TX plumber is by pouring an entire kettle full of scalding hot water down your drain. This method is most effective if you work in stages, pouring a little bit down at a time. By giving the water a minute or so to sit in between pours, it helps to seep deep into the crevices of your clog and dismantle it from the inside.

Bring Your Wet/Dry Vacuum Inside

Many handy homeowners use their shop vac in the garage, but most do not know that they can use its powerful suction to help remove grime that has been deeply trapped inside of their drain. Additionally, it can also suck up any standing water in a sink or shower before working out the clog. If you hate getting your hands dirty, try this method to remove your unsightly drain gunk.

Mix Baking Soda and Vinegar

Take 1/3 cup of baking soda and mix thoroughly with 1/3 cup of vinegar. Once you have eliminated the surface residue in your drain, quickly pour the fizzing solution into your clog. This method is highly recommended by our Southlake TX plumber, and it is a natural way to help break down minerals, hair, and other daily grime that has found its way into your drain. For maximum effectiveness, allow the mixture to sit overnight before rinsing it clean with hot water.

If you have put these methods into action and are still having trouble with your clog, contact your local Trophy Club TX Plumber, Above and Beyond Plumbing Services, at (469) 995-5069 or schedule service online to get your fixtures back up and running quickly.

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